Dry Eye Disease

Dry eye disease is caused by a chronic lack of sufficient lubrication and moisture on the surface of the eye and may also be accompanied by inflammation. Dry Eye can be very uncomfortable with symptoms ranging from redness, itchy and watery eyes, to blurred vision. If left untreated, it can become more svere and lead to pain,worsened vision, eye infections, and scarring of the cornea, the clear surface of the front of the eye


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Dry Eye Detection



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Dry Eye Treatments


-Mild Dry Eye:

       - Over the counter artificial tear drops

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       -Warm Compressors

       -Lid Scrubs

- Moderate Dry Eye

        - Punctal Plugs( a small medical device that plugs the openings to the tear ducts.

          The closure conserves both your own tears and artificial tears you may      

          have added.

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        - Restasis ( an ophthalmic eye drop which increases the eye's natural ability

          to produce tears.


        - Amniotic Membrane(Prokera) A new treatment for chronic DRy Eye ,

          PROKERA heals your cornea and returns your eye to a normal, healthy

          state. PROKERA is the only FDA-cleared therapeutic device that reduces

          inflammation and promotes healing, and is easily inserted and removed in

          the doctor's office. Similar to a contact lens and made of amniotic tissue

          known for its natural therapeutic actions, PROKERA heals your eye faster

          with less pain, scarring and inflammation.


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